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My interest and talent in art was spotted early on by my parents who encouraged me, and by my teachers who were often dismayed when I was drawing rather than completing school assignments. My first show, at the age of nine, took place at the art department of UNC-Chapel Hill.

A high school art teacher led me to paint in oils and I sold my first oil painting at the age of sixteen. Later, during my tenure in the Air Force in the late 60s and early 70s, I worked as an illustrator. During this same time, I befriended the base photographer and learned studio lighting and darkroom techniques. After my military service, I worked as a freelance illustrator. In 1975, I took photography and design classes at NC State in Raleigh. 

I have enjoyed a long career in the visual arts industry working as a fine artist, photographer, illustrator, graphic designer and art instructor. Making my home in Moore County, NC since 1988, I currently reside in Southern Pines where I own my own art gallery, frame shop and fine art print shop. My personal studio is also on site and includes my teaching space. My one constant joy in life is art and it pleases me greatly to pass on that joy by teaching others.

This is my sixth decade of working in oils and I still learn something new every time I pick up a brush. When a subject attracts me, I wonder what that would look like in paint. The creative process is the result of an insatiable curiosity. It is the thrill of putting paint to canvas. It is the thrill of watching something beautiful happen where there was nothing.

Portraiture is both my greatest artistic challenge and greatest reward. You may find examples of my portrait work on this site. To view my other works, please visit my artist page at Eye Candy Gallery.

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